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Weatherbury Farm -- explore the possibilities: 

Certified Organic Grains and Flour            Grass Fed Beef & Lamb
              Farm Stays      

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Weatherbury Farm Milling Operation

The Mill at Weatherbury Farm is registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, insuring that we adhere to safe food handling practices.  
All products are USDA certified organic .This means we use absolutely no GMO’s, no herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides or synthetic fertilizers. Our grain is nourished with  compost, manure and green manure cover crops.

Wheat bread flour, wheat pastry flour, rye flour, spelt flour, buckwheat flour, cornmeal, polenta, black turtle beans and rolled oats are available. Detailed information about all of Weatherbury Farm's grain products is on the grain products page.

At Weatherbury Farm we do everything from putting the seed in the soil to putting the flour in the bag. Like many fine wines we consider our flour an “estate flour” imbued with the flavor of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our customers can know exactly where the grain for their flour was grown and where it was milled.

Details about grain pick ups and pricing are on our grains page

For more photos, check out our facebook page.

Weatherbury Farm Vacations 2015

In 2015, Weatherbury Farm will offer two types of farm stay opportunities:

1.  Traditional Bed and Breakfast with continental breakfast, the opportunity to enjoy life on the farm and/or explore the countryside. There will not be any morning chores.

2. Farm experience stays (on select Friday and Saturday nights) with a hearty farm fresh breakfast followed by morning chores and participation in the Weatherbury Farm Kids ProgramOur educational farm experience stay is appropriate for adults and children (usually 8 & older) who want to learn more about farming and agriculture. The emphasis will be on the organic and sustainable production methods used at Weatherbury Farm.  

Please note that If you would like to come for a farm experience weekend, additional nights can be added at the 2 night farm bed and breakfast rate.
For example, a family of three staying for the 2 night farm experience would pay $545.16  for both nights of the farm experience and could add additional nights for $195.45/night.                                 

Reservations deposit and final payment will be by cash or check.  We do not accept credit cards.



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Miss Kitty has volunteered to be our spokescat.  Please visit our page to see her weekly (or so) cat's eye view of what's happening at Weatherbury Farm.
Weatherbury Farm Receives PCO Sustainability Award

Weatherbury Farm was honored to be one of two farms state-wide to receive the PCO Sustainability Award at the PCO annual meeting on February 2, 2012. The awards presentation program reads:

"Father and son, Nigel and Dale, along with Nigel's mother and Dale's wife Marcy, work together as a family to operate Weatherbury Farm in Avella, southwestern Pennsylvania.  The farm produces certified organic grains and flours including soft and hard wheat, oats, spelt, open-pollinated corn, as well as emmer and einkorn, ancient heritage grains.  In addition to raising grains and flours, Weatherbury Farm produces grassfed beef and lamb, and host farm vacations with a special attention to organic agriculture, green tourism and energy efficiency.  The Tudor family's goal is to heal the lands they farm which have been stripped of nutrients with the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides applied before their ownership.  Toward that goal, they strive to be a totally integrated farm, composting their animal manure to fertilize their fields.  Weatherbury Farm is an extremely well managed farm, with exceptional records and excellent representatives of organic farmers!"


Something new is always happening at Weatherbury Farm!

Over 1400 children are now Weatherbury Farm Kids! Our Weatherbury Farm Kids Program is a great way for your children, grandchildren, nieces and/or nephews to learn about life on the farm. The Weatherbury Farm Kids Program is open to families who visit during a farm experience weekend.

Many families never leave the farm, but opportunities for bicycling & hiking,  fishing, horseback riding and golf abound in the area. A number of museums are conveniently located to the farm.  Covered bridges, farm markets, factory tours, shopping, sporting events, a winery, and  zoo offer other nearby places to visit during an escape to the tranquility of Weatherbury Farm.  Check out the area activities for more details.

Some great aerial views of Weatherbury Farm are now on-line, thanks to Kevin Sell, a Weatherbury Farm Jam  participant. Kevin brought these photos which he shot in October 2009 to our May 2010 jam.  It's these unexpected niceties that make being a farm vacation host a delight.

Check out what the media has to say about Weatherbury Farm.   You may also want to read about the awards we've received or available publications.

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What's the best age to visit Weatherbury? (from our "winter emoos" emailed on February 19 2010)

One of the most asked questions prospective guests ask is "is my child a good age to visit Weatherbury Farm? The answer is that all children are the right age -- of course, different age groups take away different experiences from the farm.

So we though we would include some thank-you notes received from children this past summer:

"I love the farm The farm is the best place ever."  Age 5

"Dear Farmer Dale, I had so much fun on the farm and I'm glad that you do this for children." Age 8

"Dear Farmer Dale, Thank you for letting me do the chores in the morning. Also thank you for giving me my certificate at breakfast. I hope I can come back." Age 9

"Dear Tudor Family, Thanks for a wonderful farm vacation! I enjoyed it a lot? I had fun taking care of the animals. Thanks again!" Age 9

"Thanks, Tudor Family, for an Amazing farm vacation! I had a blast! I am sure you will see me again at the farm soon!" Age 13

"Dear Farmer Dale, Marcy & Nigel, We had a wonderful time this weekend learning about the operation of your cattle farm and your daily morning chores. Thanks so much!" Age 14 & 15

One mother of a toddler told us that we should charge more for toddlers (!) as the sensory and experiential stimuli are invaluable.

You might also enjoy reading 3 1/2 year old Vania's journal of her visit to the farm (in PDF format).

Hope to see you on the farm soon!

 Awards      Publications      Sustainability

About Weatherbury      Media Accolades      Contact us      Sign up for our newsletter        

Weatherbury Farm -- explore the possibilities: 

Certified Organic Grains and Flour            Grass Fed Beef & Lamb
              Farm Stays      

Weatherbury Farm
1061 Sugar Run Road
Avella, Pennsylvania 15312

phone: 724.587.3763

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(Our email address is info@weatherburyfarm.com and we do answer all emails -- if you don't hear back from us, either your email or our answer has been lost in cyber space.)


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