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 Stone Ground Organic
Cornmeal, Polenta,
Black Beans, and Rolled Oats
from Weatherbury Farm



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Weatherbury Farm's Organic Grains Sweep the 2016 Washington County Fair



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Next Farm Pickup: Saturday January 21 2016:  11:00AM to 2:00PM

As our flour is ground to order, please place your order by Saturday January 14 2016.

To order, you may copy the price list and paste it into your email or try our newly-developed order email, which lists all currently available products and prices within the email body.

Live out of the area?  

We do ship (& charge only the actual UPS charge)  -- please email us if you would like to place an order via mail.


The Mill at Weatherbury Farm is registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture;
all products are USDA certified organic.


Our grains are milled at a low temperature which maintains the quality of the nutrients in the flour.

Whole grain flours contain the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, fiber and oils in the same proportions as they are found in the grain.
Unbleached flours (or light flour in the case of rye) has had the bran sifted out. Because the flour still has the germ, the flour has a golden color and the grain's natural flavor.


Bread Flours ( Milled from Maxine Hard Red Winter Wheat )
Stone Ground Whole Wheat Bread Flour -- Ground in one pass and sifted through a very coarse sieve so that any very large pieces of bran are removed. Coarser than unbleached flour.

Stone Ground Unbleached Bread Flour -- Similar to commercial 85% extraction flour The germ is still in the flour and there are some small pieces of bran. Sifted through a fine sieve and ground in multiple passes. The flour contains the grain's natural flavor and has a golden color (It is not artificially bleached as many commercial white flours are). 

Cake and Pastry Flours ( Milled from Frederick Soft White Winter Wheat )
Stone Ground Whole Wheat Cake & Pastry Flour -- Provides a finer texture and lighter consistency with lower gluten than whole wheat bread flour. Great way to punch up the nutrition in cakes and pastries.

Stone Ground Unbleached Cake & Pastry Flour-- A very silky flour that makes excellent cakes  since it still has germ in the flour.  The germ actually contributes to the flavor of the cake.

Rye Flours ( Milled from Danko Rye )
Stone Ground Whole Rye Flour -- Milled in one pass through a coarse sieve so that any large pieces of bran are removed. Coarser than light rye flour. Contains all of grain's healthy nutrients and gives you the opportunity to savor rye flour's distinctive taste .
Stone Ground Light Rye Flour --
Milled in multiple passes through a fine sieve. Bran is removed; however the germ remains. Used in many breads and baked goods for a subtle delicate flavor and texture.

Spelt Flours ( Milled from Oberkulmer Spelt )
Stone Ground Whole Spelt Flour -- Ground in one pass and sifted through a very coarse sieve so that any very large pieces of bran and hulls remaining are removed (most of the hulls are removed in a separate dehulling operation). Many people with wheat issues find that they can tolerate spelt. 14.8% protein.

Stone Ground Unbleached Spelt Flour -- Ground in
multiple passes and sifted through a fine sieve.  Approximately 85% extraction.   Prized for its nutty flavor, we've found that cookies made with it can be addictive.

Corn Products ( Milled from Wapsie Valley Open Pollinated Corn)
Stone Ground Open Pollinated Polenta -- Coarsely ground, mainly yellow but with red flecks that make it visually interesting. The flavor is enhanced because it is stone ground from an open pollinated.

Stone Ground Open Pollinated Cornmeal -- More finely ground than polenta.  Yellow with some red flecks. Milled at a low temperature, it maintains the nutrients of the grain.

      Sold Out -- Available December 2016
Buckwheat Flour -- Milled from whole buckwheat grain with the hulls sifted out. One of the world's healthiest foods, buckwheat provides a high quality protein with all eight essential amino acids and is one of the best sources of protein in the plant kingdom.

Crop Failure -- Not available until November 2017
Black Turtle Beans -- With their rich full flavor are suited for everything from baked beans to Latin cuisine. While our beans are doubled cleaned after being combined, you may find some organic dirt, so they should be washed before using.

Rolled Products
Rolled Oats --  Taste Weatherbury's oats and find the flavor you've been missing. After we harvest our oats, they are triple-cleaned and rolled, with none of the processing used in producing commercial rolled oats. Thus, Weatherbury Rolled Oats have their natural vitality, nutrients and flavor.

Pasta (coming soon)
Artisanal Wheat Pasta
Artisanal Spelt Pasta
Artisanal  Emmer Pasta
Pasta will be available as:
    Shells (medium)



Grain Home     Grains Grown     Grain & Milling Equipment     Recipes    Health Benefits   Price List & Order Form      Contact Us

Weatherbury Farm mills stone ground flour from organic grains grown on the farm.

Weatherbury Farm
1061 Sugar Run Road
Avella, Pennsylvania 15312

Pennsylvania grown grains:  wheat, rye buckwheat, oaks, spelt, open pollinated corn

phone: (724) 587-3763

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(Our email address is info@weatherburyfarm.com and we do answer all emails -- if you don't hear back from us, either your email or our answer has been lost in cyber space.)


grass fed beef & lamb, certified grains and flour, farm stays

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