Planting, harvesting and milling equipment for Weatherbury's organic grains

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Planting, Harvesting and
Milling Equipment at Weatherbury



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Preparing the fields -- plowing

Preparing the fields -- power harrowing

Preparing the fields -- rototilling

Planting organic grains at Weatherbury Farm -- oats in this photo


Power Harrowing Rototilling Planting Hull-less Oats


Close up of cultivating organic corn at Weatherbury Farm

Cultivating organic corn at Weatherbury Farm is a precision operation

Rotary hoeing organic corn at Weatherbury Farm

Planting Corn

Cultivating corn Rotary Hoeing Corn

Combine harvesting organic corn at Weatherbury Farm

Emptying organic corn into gravity box at Weatherbury Farm

Harvesting organic rye with a combine at Weatherbury Farm

Harvesting (combining) corn

Harvesting (combining) rye

Planting organic beans at Weatherbury Farm

Cultivating organic beans at Weatherbury Farm

Harvesting organic beans into a gravity wagon at Weatherbury Farm

Planting beans

Cultivating beans Harvesting (combining) beans
Clean seeds are a priority at Weatherbury Farm The gravity table is one part of the bean cleaning operation Closeup of bean cleaning on the gravity table Dehulling spelt in a dehuller built by Farmer Nigel
Grain Cleaning Gravity Table Spelt Dehuller

An exciting day on the farm. The stone mill arrives from Austria.

Photo showing the stones in the mill

The mill room at Weatherbury Farm, where operations have been inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agricultur

Weatherbury's stone mill is not only attractive but it also grinds delicious flours

The mill arrives

The stones in the mill The mill room The Mill
  Local tasty pastas are made in Weatherbury's pasta mill There's nothing better than oats rolled at Weatherbury Farm  
  The Pasta Machine The Oat Roller  

Compost is the backbone of organic fertilzing at Weatherbury Farm.  The compost turner was built by Farmer Nigel.

Steam evidence that bacteria and fungi are at work in the compost pile at Weatherbury Farm

Compost is important in fertilzing the organic fields of Weatherbury Farm and is precisely applied

Nitrogen from clover is important in fertilzing Weatherbury's organic grains.  Clover seed is frost seeded in late winter.

Composting Operation

Steam evidence that bacteria and fungi are at work Applying compost to fields Frost Seeding clover

Compost and nitrogen from clover are important tools in fertilizing crops for organic farms like Weatherbury


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Weatherbury Farm
1061 Sugar Run Road
Avella, Pennsylvania 15312

Pennsylvania grown grains:  wheat, rye buckwheat, oaks, spelt, open pollinated corn

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