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Frequently Asked Questions about
Weatherbury Farm 
A farm vacation/farmstay/ haycation located
45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh


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Weatherbury Farm offered Farm Stay Accommodations from May 1992 to August 2017

Thanks to everyone who has participated in a Weatherbury farm stay in the past twenty five years.

We've enjoyed meeting you and sharing our organic farm life with you. 

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Our web site is chocked full of information about visiting Weatherbury Farm Vacation. These FAQ's provide even more information.  If you still have additional questions, please e-mail us!

Table of Contents

What exactly is a farm vacation?
Do you offer day-only options?
How far in advance should  I make reservations ? 
When are the baby animals born?
Where can I eat dinner?
Who should plan a visit to Weatherbury Farm. ?
What's for breakfast?
When is the best time to visit ?
How far are you from ...?
Do you have fireplaces/jacuzzi/room phones/internet and television?

What exactly is Weatherbury Farm Vacation?

Weatherbury Farm Vacation is a working farm that offers overnight lodging and a farm experience. Check out our Weatherbury Farm Kids' Program

Weatherbury Farm Vacation is a working farm that offers Farm Stays with light chores -- collecting eggs and, perhaps feeding baby animal(s)  and Farm  Stay Experience weekends (with in-depth chores).
It is our family's invitation to yours to enjoy life in the slow lane -- and experience life on a working beef and sheep farm.
Certified organic grains (soft & hard wheat, oats, spelt, open-pollinated corn, emmer and einkorn) are also grown on the farm and milled into flour. We are not a resort nor are we "Disneyfarm".  Our animals are real and, as we like to say, everything that is brown isn't dirt.

Farm vacations are also known as farm stays, agritourism and most recently haycations!
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Do you offer day-only options?

We do not have any day-only options.

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How far in advance should I make reservations ?

To avoid disappointment, book your stay as soon as you have a definite date!  Some dates are booked months in advance. Please call us at (724) 587-3763 to finalize your reservations!

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When are the baby animals born?

Baby lambs and calves are born in sync with nature and start arriving mid-May. Guests are invited to walk in the meadows  -- check out our cow daycare and baby lambs jumping for joy!

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Where can I eat dinner?

Even though Weatherbury is "far from the madding crowd," there are a number of restaurants within 1 -15 miles -- and we have a menu basket for browsing.

We also have an outdoor grill and microwave for our guests' use. The suites have small refrigerators.

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Who should plan a visit to Weatherbury Farm?

A visit to Weatherbury Farm provides children the opportunity to visit a working farm (especially difficult now that grandma lives in a beach-front condo!), a great place to unwind and to get away from the stress of the madding crowd. In fact, more and more grandparents visit Weatherbury each year to teach their grandkids about life on the farm.

Children of different ages take away differing experiences and memories from a farm visit.

In 2017, Weatherbury Farm will offer three types of farm stay opportunities on select Friday and Saturday nights in June, July & August:

1. Farm Learning Experience with a hearty farm fresh breakfast followed each day by in-depth morning chores. Weatherbury's educational farm experience stay is appropriate for adults and children (usually 8 & older) who want to learn more about farming and agriculture. The emphasis will be on the organic and sustainable production methods used at Weatherbury Farm.

2. Farm Stay with a light farm fresh breakfast. Light morning chores   --  collecting eggs and, perhaps feeding baby
animal(s) ** will be offered on Saturday and/or Sunday morning. Enjoy a relaxing escape to the tranquility of life in the slow lane and/or explore the countryside.  
** Subject to farmers' schedule

3. Group farm stays -- rent all three suites for a family & friends get-together. Light farm fresh breakfast. Light morning chores** will be offered on one or both mornings. Enjoy life on the farm and/or explore the countryside.
Dates other than those listed on the calendar are available. Please inquire. 
** Subject to farmers' schedule

Farm stay visitors are invited to participate in our Weatherbury Farm Kids Program.

One of the most asked questions prospective guests ask is "is my child a good age to visit Weatherbury Farm?

So we though we would include some thank-you notes received from children:

"I love the farm The farm is the best place ever."  Age 5

"Dear Farmer Dale, I had so much fun on the farm and I'm glad that you do this for children." Age 8

"Dear Farmer Dale, Thank you for letting me do the chores in the morning. Also thank you for giving me my certificate at breakfast. I hope I can come back." Age 9

"Dear Tudor Family, Thanks for a wonderful farm vacation! I enjoyed it a lot. I had fun taking care of the animals. Thanks again!" Age 9

"Thanks, Tudor Family, for an Amazing farm vacation! I had a blast! I am sure you will see me again at the farm soon!" Age 13

"Dear Farmer Dale, Marcy & Nigel, We had a wonderful time this weekend learning about the operation of your cattle farm and your daily morning chores. Thanks so much!" Age 14 & 15

One mother of a toddler told us that we should charge more for toddlers (!) as the sensory and experiential stimuli are invaluable.

You might also enjoy reading 3 1/2 year old Vania's journal of her visit to the farm (in PDF format).

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What's for breakfast ?

Our hearty farm breakfast, served Saturdays and Sundays, during our farm experience stays at 8:30 am, features family favorites. Every breakfast has an egg dish and pancakes. Meals are plentiful and delicious.

On farm stay weekends, a lighter farm fresh breakfast is served with an egg casserole one day and pancakes the other.

During our traditional bed and breakfast stays a continental breakfast is offered.

When you make your reservation, we'll check with you on any special dietary requirements you might have.

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When is the best time to visit?

Because we are farming three times as many acres as a few years ago, Weatherbury Farm is only open on select weekends in June, July and August.  Nonetheless, we hope you will delight in a stay at Weatherbury Farm.

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How far are you from ...?

Here's a brief listing of driving times to Weatherbury Farm.

Pennsylvania Ohio
Pittsburgh 45 minutes Cleveland 3 hours
Philadelphia 5 hours Columbus 3 hours
Harrisburg 4 hours East Liverpool 1 hour
Fallingwater 1 1/2 hours Steubenville 1/2 hour
West Virginia Michigan
Wheeling 45 minutes Ann Arbor/Detroit 5 hours
Weirton 35 minutes
Maryland New York
Baltimore 41/2 hours New York City 8 hours
Washington 5 hours
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Do you have a jacuzzi, fireplaces, room phones internet and tvs ...?

No jacuzzis -- our farm water supply couldn't handle them. We do have clawfoot tubs in the livery suites.
The suites in the Livery are heated by gas fireplaces -- however, they are not functional during our summer weekends.

"No phones or TVs in the rooms -- they would defeat the purpose" Pittsburgh Magazine (July 1997)

We do have wireless internet available and accessible from our suites.

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Weatherbury Farm
1061 Sugar Run Road
Avella, Pennsylvania 15312

phone: (724) 587-3763

email us !

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(Our email address is info@weatherburyfarm.com and we do answer all emails -- if you don't hear back from us, either your email or our answer has been lost in cyber space.)


a kid friendly family farm stay vacation destination; far from the madding crowd, in the country, just 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, PA -- fun & educational

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