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Sheep Fest 2005
September 10 & 11, 2005

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"Wool dyers, rug makers, weavers and spinners were all delighted to share hints and techniques while folk music pleasantly filled the hillside."  The Almanac


Scenes from Sheep Fest

Festival visitors are an enthusiastic lot -- eager to learn new crafts or ascertain tips from our vendors.

Even in the pouring rain on Saturday, a nice crowd attended. Sunday's sunshine brought out many folk, including Mary Jo, pictured at left.

Mary Jo was so looking forward to Sheep Fest that she made this great T shirt.

The 3rd annual Sheep Fest at Weatherbury Farm was  held July 31 and August 1,2004 to celebrate the heritage of wool and sheep in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  

Join us for Sheep Fest IV on September 10 and 11, 2005.

Daily hours are 10 AM to 5 PM daily; $2 for adults, $1 for children.

Throughout much of the nineteenth century, the Upper Ohio Valley was the premier sheep raising area in the country, producing a high quality wool which achieved world-wide recognition. 

Focusing on wool and related fiber arts, Sheep Fest has on-going traditional demonstrations of spinning, weaving, wool dyeing, felting,  rug-making, bobbin lace making, quilting and knitting & crocheting; hands-on opportunities and educational displays about sheep, wool and fiber arts. Folk music will be ongoing.


Demonstrators 2004

ANGORA RABBITS & GOATS, SPINNING & MORE:  JEANNETTE ROBERTS OF BLOOMINGDALE FARM ANGORAS  will be spinning and weaving on a rigid heddle loom and have goats milk soap, hand knitted and woven items, hand-spun yarn, and spinning fibers & rovings for sale.

BOBBIN LACETry your hand at  this traditional form of weaving, where each thread is attached to a bobbin so its individual path can be controlled. The FIVE RIVERS BOBBIN LACEMAKERS will be demonstrating more complex bobbin lace weaving.
BARDO LOOM: BONNIE SANFORD will be demonstrating weaving on a bardo loom; this type of loom  was strung between two porches in the city.

CROCHETING & KNITTING: SARAH AND GRETA will help you get started or with problems in your work.

They will have scarfs for sale.

FELTING, NATURAL DYEING, WEAVING A SCARF & MORE: DEB ARBUCKLE & LINDA JONES (SHADYSIDE FARM & MILL)  will be involved in multiple demonstrations. They also have yarn & woolen items from the farm flock and other local fibers.

NEEDLE FELTING: KRIS & ASHLEY SAVAGE Traditional felt making uses water, soap and agitation to form a fabric item. Needle felting is a newer technique which uses dry wool and felting needle. Kris & Ashley will have felt kits, spinning books, rovings and handspun yarn for sale.

QUILTING MARJORIE BEAUMARRIAGE  inherited twenty-five quilt tops 15 years ago and has been quilting ever since. She will be working on a white baby quilt at Sheep Fest.

RUG WEAVING: JOE TLUMAC  will be weaving rugs and have rugs for sale. Or discuss your project and let him make a custom rug for your location.

SHEEP: MARYLOU WILLIAMS (THE ROSEFIELD) brings sheep and will be spinning & weaving on a triangle loom. She also has supplies and finished products for sale.

SHUTTLE MAKING: ED LEMLEY  has been whittling for 20 years and will be whittling shuttles at sheep fest. He will have shuttle earrings for sale.

SPINNING & WEAVING: THE YOUNGSTOWN (OH) AREA WEAVING GUILD  will be spinning with wheels and drop spindle; and weaving. Their demonstrations will twine technical & historical information & personal experiences. In addition to lots of display items, they will have handspun and hand knit goods for sale, including rugs, shawls, silk scarves, bookmarks and hand-woven cards.

WEAVING: KATHE NEAL & BRAD SILBERBERG have a number of hands-on projects -- from weaving on a simple loom to friendship bracelets to yarn baskets.  Don't be sheepish, give it a try!

WOOL DYEING: KATHY WELLS  will be dyeing wool. She will also be demonstrating spinning using a drop spindle & has drop spindles for sale.

Musicians 2004

BILL SCHILLING has been singing and playing various folk instruments for over 30 years for audiences of all ages from coast to coast. Bill plays guitar, autoharp, octave mandolin, hammered and lap dulcimers, bowed psaltries, banjo guitar, ukuleles, recorders, jug and an assortment of inexpensive or homemade instruments. He is the founder of the Salem, Ohio Dulci-More Folk and Traditional Musicians, and the Dulci-More Folk Festival. Bill is the music coordinator for Sheep Fest and will be performing solo and with others.

THE CROOKED PITCHFORK  returned to Sheep Fest playing tunes and songs that touch on rural life and crafts, a mix of Celtic and folk. PAT DIAMOND, who discovered the joy of making her own music at the age of 48, plays guitar and mandolin. JIM MILLER started playing penny whistle, flutes, and assorted wind instruments in the mid-80s, after escorting his daughter to Irish dance competitions throughout Ohio and surrounding states.
PAT & JIM  played some terrific original songs about farming and fiber arts.

SWEET SOUNDS -- PAT CARNAHAN plays lap dulcimer, harmonica, guitar, ukulele, and more. SUE SABATINO plays lap and hammered dulcimers, whistles, and percussion. Both add to the Sweet Sounds with their voices.

HEARTSTRINGS - A recently-formed songwriting/performing duo consisting of EARL BRUBACHER and LEANNA MATHES. They both play guitar and sing, with Leanna sometimes playing Appalachian lap dulcimer. Original songs, as well as other favorite tunes (to tug at your "heartstrings," of course) were featured. Leanna has folk music roots, and Earl comes from a gospel/bluegrass background. This makes for very interesting music!

MOUNTAIN MARGE DIAMOND , mountain dulcimer player, has been performing at festivals and other venues for 15+ years.  She plays old-time to Celtic to contemporary tunes.
MARCY TUDOR is the director of Sheep Fest and also plays the hammered dulcimer. She performed with Bill and Leanna during the last set of each day.

Exhibits 2004




Food 2004

Pauline's Apple Dumplings (available with ice cream) hotdogs, sloppy joes, nachos & cheese and cold drinks were available for sale.



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